Defining Assumptions of River City Vineyard

1. Our fellowship really wants to obey Jesus.

2. The Kingdom of God (evidenced by Satan's work being reversed and destroyed -Matt 12:28) is the primary mission and issue of church life - not self-preservation of church life.

3. Church life should equip people to manifest the kingdom as Jesus described it.

4. People can say what they want, but they are what they do.

5. A commitment to excellence produces confidence in ministry and in care.

6. The primary source of ministry ability comes from personal devotion and prayer.  This should be prioritized in our own lives and in our sharing with those to whom we minister.

7. The kingdom conflict, between darkness and Light, is a reality that cannot be escaped or ignored.

8. The primary foundation for healing in all dimensions is LOVE-- love from God and love from each other.

9. Placing expectation or preconceived notions about or upon individuals is always injurious and always works against healing.

10. It is normal for everyone in our fellowship to be giving of themselves in some ministry on a consistent basis in order for healing and growth to come to them.

11. Our God is not a cosmic killjoy raining on our party.

12. Having a heart of compassion for the poor, orphans and widows should be the norm for a Christian. Giving consistently and generously should also be normal.

13. Love is the glue that binds this fellowship together.

14. The Holy Spirit, working through the church, is able, willing and free to break in and carry on His work in non-spectacular, non-manipulative and surprising ways.

15. Modeling and teaching Scriptural values to people, and then waiting for God to change them, is our aim more than simply trying to change their behavior.

16. Each church is a new creation and will have differing styles and practices suited to their particular group.

17. One of our goals as a church is "to have a good time while promoting His kingdom."

18. Counseling should not be the emphasis of church life.

19. You cannot manufacture the Holy Spirit's genuine working.

20. We aim to be focused and ridding ourselves of distractions.

2l. Worship accomplishes something that no other feature of human existence can accomplish.

22. Our view of God in ministry must be of a God who is FOR us, not angry with us (reconciliation), who has forgiven us (justification), who has received us (redemption), who has changed us, and is now helping us to realize it (sanctification).

23. Each person in the fellowship is responsible for his or her own fellowship needs and follow-up.

24. People can't minister to others unless they can be ministered to.

25. Relationships are what hold people together in fellowship in the local church.  People aren't nearly as concerned about denominational loyalty as they are about having their need for relationship met. They will come for many reasons but will stay for only one--relationships, to God and to other people.

26. The local church needs to give to be able to grow. Without a consistent giving of time, energy and money the church will eventually stagnate. The church's greatest felt need is to give itself away to the world.

27. One of the easiest groups in the world to encounter is the poor.  As we go to the poor, we tap into a kingdom reality that will cause momentum within the local church.  If we don't go to the poor on a regular basis we are walking in disobedience to the clear Biblical call to reach out to these people.

28. Leadership is a functional reality, not a democratic decision.

29. The focus of our worship songs is to sing directly to the Lord, rather than sing songs of teaching, triumph, and exhortation.

30. Planning is the first part of executing every task God has given us to do.

31. A person's heart can be seen by where he spends his time, energy and money.

32. We are not in the people-keeping business. Our aim is to receive, restore, and release.

33. People can not be successful unless they are willing to deal with the issues in their lives that sabotage success.

34. Half measures will bring no benefits.  Deal with one thing at time and do it well.

35. Allow the Holy Spirit to work on character defects with people, at His pace, one issue at a time.  This is more important to us than the simple quoting of "the law."

36. Leaders need to be character driven, not emotion driven.

37. No one church can bring the Kingdom of God to Sarnia anymore than one person can be the body of Christ.

38. We cannot make people do what we think they should be doing…only God can.

39. We have more faith that God will lead us than the enemy will deceive us.

40. Leaders need to have servant's hearts. They are to be more interested in serving others than in serving themselves to gain prominence and recognition.

41. Most people and organizations can do only one or two things well.

42. The wall which people put up to protect them from hurt, is the same wall that keeps them from feeling loved.

43. When we give our lives over to Jesus, we believe that He really is taking over our lives and that He won't let the enemy destroy us.

44 Our church is never more whole than the least whole person in the fellowship.

45 Hurting people hurt people.

46. You can measure how healed you are, by how you react to others when they react to you.



Our Goal

So when you come, you are loved. No matter who you are or what you've done you are loved.

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